Proportion of grievances resolved

Grievances resolved Trace and Verification

National level data on grievances resolved note that the National Office had received 1,600 complaints so far out of which 940 (59%) was resolved, leaving 660 (41%) unresolved the high number of unresolved grievances was explained by National representatives “since they relate to Exclusion and Omission issues.”


The state level data available as data on proportion grievances resolved provided by 2 states Benue, and Kwara was 13% and 26% respectively which was significantly lower than the National level data.  Further review is required in the analysis of the timeline of resolution of the grievances, however, the data source was not available at the time of the monitoring due to the location of the interviews away from the office of the GRO.


Figure 11: Proportion of grievances resolved in the project at National level

Source-NCTO data August/September 2018 payment round


Figure 12: Proportion of grievances resolved


Grievances resolved cross checks

Cross Checks could not be done on the source documents for grievances as the NCTO Grievance officers for State were not with their registers at the interview


Grievances resolved spot check

About 28,237 households representing 91.5% said they have had no complaints since the programme commenced.


Figure 13: Proportion of respondents with complaints

Interestingly majority of the beneficiaries (29,722 representing 96.4%)  ‘’were satisfied’’ and ‘’very satisfied’’ with the grievance redress mechanisms in the programme

  • Beneficiaries satisfied with the grievance redress process 19644 (63.7%)
  • Beneficiaries very satisfied with the grievance redress process 10,078 (32.7%)

Examples of complaints reported were:

  • ‘’Insufficient fund’’
  • ‘’Delay in payment’’
  • ‘’I have not been paid the previous month’’
  • ‘’Name have been removed from the register’’
  • ‘’Was Given The Big Card Without The Smaller One For Payment’’
  • ‘’I Need More Support’’
  • ‘’They Stopped Paying Me/ My Name Was Removed’’
  • ‘’My Health Takes Most Of The Money’’
  • ‘’Flood And Herdsmen Damaging Of Our Farms’’
  • ‘’Misplaced Photograph’’
  • ‘’I Was Only Paid 5,000 Instead Of 10,000 Paid To Others’’
  • ‘’No Id Card ’’