Number of households paid and reached by ANEEJ MANTRA in May/June 2019 per State

Brief on ANEEJ MANTRA monitoring in May/June, 2019

The conditional Cash Transfer of the Federal Government Social Investment Programme disbursed N1,794,200,000 for the month of May and June, 2019 to beneficiaries in 20 states of the federation. ANEEJ first phase of monitoring covered 11 states and 20 states for the second phase with 1200 monitors deployed on field, 120 supervisors and 110 CSO engaged.

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Brief on ANEEJ MANTRA monitoring in August/September, 2018

The Conditional Cash Transfer of the Federal Government Social Investment Programme disbursed N2,277,870,000.00 for the month of August and September, 2018 from the $322.5M of the Abacha loot received from Swiss Government to beneficiaries. 80% of the total amount disbursed (N1,822,296,000) was from the Abacha Loot while 20% from FG. 

While for October-November 2018, the Cash Transfer Office disbursed 3,814,695,000.00 to beneficiaries. 80% of the Abacha Loot (N3,051,756,000) was disbursed as well, this summed up the two rounds of payment to a total of N4,874,052,000. ANEEJ-MANTRA is yet to carry out monitoring exercise for the October/November round of payment to beneficiaries of the Conditional Cash Transfer Programme.